About Us

Our origins go back to the Perll family who have been based in Boppard since the beginning of the 17th century and for a long time were involved in both winegrowing and agriculture. Since the Second World War, the family have specialised in viticulture. In 1972, our grandfather August Perll senior handed over a 4 ha vineyard to each of his two sons (August Jr. and Walter).

Walter Perll married Doris (née Hübel) and they went on to have two children: Walter (jun.) and Elisabeth. The father/son grower/winemaker team (Walter senior and Walter junior) managed the winery together for many years and during that time, the vineyard area was increased from 4 ha to 7 ha. When their father passed away, Elisabeth joined her brother in the business. Supported by Elisabeth’s husband Klaus, the siblings now manage the winery together.

Our vineyards are located in the steep and steepest slopes of the Bopparder Hamm in the UNESCO World Heritage Site „Upper Middle Rhine Valley“. We cultivate 7 hectares of vineyards in the Bopparder Hamm with an inclination of up to 85%. These vineyards go by colourful names such as Elfenlay, Fässerlay, Mandelstein, Feuerlay, Ohlenberg and Weingrube. With a total of 70 ha of vineyards, the Bopparder Hamm is the largest contiguous vineyard area in the wine-growing region of the Middle Rhine with a purely southern exposure and thus offers excellent conditions for our high-quality terroir wines.